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Elevate Dental: A journey to Elevate your experience.

At Elevate Dental we take pride in providing a unique experience. Your needs and concerns are translated into ease and comfort, whether you are having your first consultation, or getting dental treatment done. As a team, we are advocates of mutual respect and understanding. We operate in a positive and relaxing environment, while balancing our professional and friendly vibes. We like to think about Elevate Dental as your ‘chosen professional family’.

With over 13 years of experience, specialist in Prosthodontics, Dr. Cibel has earned consistent trust and elite reputation among her mentors, professors, peers, colleagues, and most importantly, among her patients. Her outstanding demeanors, her knowledge and expertise, thoroughness, and remarkable passion for her profession, simply set her apart. It is not unusual for Dr. C to get consulted both locally and internationally about simple and complex dental esthetic procedures. Her insights are highly valued and appreciated by colleagues and patients.

We believe in your overall well-being: mind, body and soul. A simple smile can tell us so many things! The intimate relationship between your oral health and your physical and mental health, are reflected in your daily energy and performance. Whether it is to restore your masticatory function, a dental emergency, or a cosmetic concern, the condition of your oral environment ends up affecting your overall system, like a domino effect, and vice-versa.

You or someone you know might be in need of a dental exam, a second opinion, or a smile makeover. Whatever it is, be sure that Dr. Cibel has an honest and knowledgeable answer for you.

A journey to elevate your experience.

Dr. Cibel graduated from dental school at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2007. After practicing for 4 years, Dr. Cibel moved to the United States to further her education and passion for aesthetic dentistry.
After completing her postgraduate degree in Prosthodontics at Boston University, she then earned her DDS degree at the International Dental Program at the University of California, San Francisco. 

Meticulous with her high standards and bedside manners, Dr. Cibel spends ample time with her patients to understand their needs and concerns. Her depth of knowledge and years of diverse experiences allow her to address a full spectrum of oral medicine from the simplest dental needs to smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations.

Dr. Cibel thrives on applying her artistic skills to help people improve their smiles and oral health and believes that dentistry is the perfect combination of science, technique, art, and creativity

Aside from dentistry, Dr. Cibel is an amateur photographer, loves nature, traveling around the world, and spending time with her friends and family.

One of the ways Dr. C finds to unwind and recharge herself, is through her daily yoga practice.


We want to welcome you to personalized,trusted and caring experience. Carpe Diem.


Virtually invisible and removable, Invisalign’s clear aligners help patients achieve a beautifully straight smile without the challenge of traditional braces.


Achieving a brighter smile can be safe and fast. With our in-office whitening system, you can enhance your smile in just one visit.


With Dr. Cibel’s artistic touch, composite bonding repairs chipped or cracked teeth, reduces gaps or spaces between teeth, and hides discoloration or faded areas on the tooth’s surface


Dr. Cibel can design and replace a decayed, damaged or cracked tooth with a porcelain crown. With proper care, crowns can last for 20-30 years.


Veneers are designed to improve the look of teeth, and protect the tooth’s surface from further damage. Dr. Cibel has a personalized approach in evaluating the aesthetics and function of your teeth, setting her apart. Her understanding of your needs, along with her passion and vision, allows her to deliver that customized natural smile you’ve been craving for.


Dental implants serve as a substitute for the root of the tooth, when you lose a tooth. The titanium surface of the implant integrates with your bone as it heals, in about 4 months. An abutment is then placed, which connects the implant to the permanent crown on top of it, which is customized in shape and shade to match the rest of your teeth.


Many headaches and jaw pain come from grinding our teeth. Therapeutic botox is the injection of botox in the masticatory muscles to relieve excessive tension, significantly reducing teeth grinding. As a result, a noticeable relief in grinding, headaches and pain kicks in in about a week. Particularly convenient for those who can’t stand a mouthguard throughout the night! Dr. C is among a few dental professionals certified to use Botox and help you mitigate your grinding habits.


Some people show short teeth or a “gummy smile’’. This is usually a result of your gums covering more teeth’s surface than they should. Dr. C takes the time to evaluate your particular condition and discuss the best approach to restore and sculpt a balanced proportion of teeth and gums.


Dr. Cibel loves when she can take things a step further. When it comes to her patients, Dr. C truly understands their ‘anti-aging’ or ‘aging-softening’ desire. Dr. Cibe’s passion about aesthetics, balance, and visual harmony since a young age, can take your smile and overall facial expressions to look 5, 10 or 15 years younger. We want to invite you to have a conversation with Dr.C about your smile rejuvenation.


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