For some people their fear of dentistry can be intense. We understand that these people usually don’t get the care they need and want. The result being an unattractive smile and a mouth filled with gum disease. For us your fears are real and must not be underestimated. They are often related to childhood traumatic experiences and in some cases adult traumas. These previous memories are very frequently vivid and often hard to overcome. In our Encino general and family dental office, their significance is never ignored.

Fortunately, today there are some advanced practices where this problem is recognized and treated. Dr. Safaei believes in treating the whole patient, not just the teeth. We have developed a technique where treatment can be done painlessly, comfortably and without anxiety. We are happy to offer a consultation to anyone interested in discussing sedation dentistry.

Dr. Safaei has found that oral sedation dentistry is the best of the several methods used to achieve these goals. There are a variety of oral medications today that specifically are designed to eliminate anxiety and cause the memory of the procedure to fade away. Long proven, commonly used in medicine, they are very safe and easy to use for general dentists also.

It is only necessary to take a small pill. These medications have helped millions of people. Since some people remain relaxed and sleepy for a few hours, we ask that plans are made to drive the patient home just to be on the safe side. Even such a short trip as Encino to Tarzana is not a good idea in our opinion as traffic in many valley areas like Tarzana seem so bad these days

Sedation dentistry as we practice it can be a wonderful tool to help you overcome your fear and obtain the oral health and appearance that you want. Many of our patients in the Tarzana, Encino, Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks areas have found this approach helpful.