For Alternatives to Dental Bridges see Dental Implants

A bridge fills in the space left by a missing tooth or teeth in much the same way as a bridge spans a river or bay. The bridge is held in place by crowns placed on adjacent teeth of the missing space. A bridge can stop the shifting of the remaining teeth including those above the space, and correct bite problems.

Fix a missing tooth with Elevate Dental bridges
Space from lost tooth
Dental bridge in Encino by Navid Safaei
Space restored with porcelain bridge

It is also necessary to keep the area very clean including the area under the center tooth. This is done by running dental floss under the center and/or using an inexpensive instrument such as a Waterpik. Regular professional check ups and cleanings are very important for people with bridges.
Bridges offer excellent esthetics and proper function after tooth loss and used often to replace missing teeth