Mouthguard in Encino, CA at Elevate DentalThe key to the amount of protection a mouth guard can provide is how well it fits and the materials that it is made of. The expression “you get what you pay for” fits perfectly in this situation. Inexpensive store purchased generic mouth guards simply do not provide much protection and are not durable.

When we make a mouth guard the first step is to make a very precise hard reproduction of the teeth, Then in a specially equipped dental lab multiple layers of a soft resin are adapted to the reproduction under high temperatures and high pressure. The process is called pressure lamination. This produces a tightly adapted durable mouth guard that provides the best level of protection available.

Here are some important facts about why a mouth guard is so critical for preventing sports injuries.

  • A properly fabricated mouth guard reduces the rate of concussions and head and neck injuries during college football.
  • Dental injuries are the most common form of facial injuries in contact sports.
  • An athlete is sixty (60 ) times more likely to receive dental injuries when not wearing a protective mouth guard.
  • Every person involved in contact sports has about 10% chance of receiving a facial injury each season.
  • The cost for the surgical replanting of a knocked out tooth is approximately $4,000.00 for only the surgical fee.
  • The use of a face guard and mouth guard prevents approximately 200,000 high school and college injuries per year.
  • A properly fitting mouth guard reduces the chances of having a concussion from a blow to the lower jaw.
  • Mouth guards are now a requirement for high school and college football. This resulted in a 50% reduction in mouth injuries.
  • The risk of facial injuries is actually higher in basketball than football, yet only 7% of basketball players use mouth guards.

If you or someone you know is involved in any athletic activities, we can help fit them with the right mouth guard to protect their teeth!