While a filling covers only a small area of the tooth, a dental crown completely wraps all of the visible areas of the tooth, creating a new outer surface for your tooth, much like a normal tooth.

A crown is often needed when existing cavities or previous restorations are too large to be restored by fillings. A crown adds strength, longevity, and comfort.

There are several options for the material used. The most requested by our patients are highly esthetic and especially strong. These crown are All-White and offer advantages to standard metal-porcelain crowns. Dr. Safaei can review these options with you at your visit. You can also request these at your visit.

Dr. Safaei will usually be able to see problems that can lead to major damage and he usually can tell when the tooth is in need of a crown. Chewing patterns play a big role in tooth breakage and they are frequently checked as well.

To make a crown Dr. Safaei will first prepare the tooth by removing all cavities and bad fillings from the tooth. He will then place a build-up to replace any tooth structure destroyed or missing. The tooth is then “prepped”, removing a layer from all around the tooth and build-up. A mold of the tooth is made and you leave the office with a temporary crown. Your new crown will be placed at a second visit 10-14 days later.

Once the procedure is completed, proper dental hygiene, including daily brushing and flossing, is necessary to maintain the teeth, gums and to prevent damage to the crowns.