Elevate Dental puts great emphasis on prevention. Today, a person can have their teeth for their lifetime. We have many patients well into their 90’s with healthy teeth and gums.

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We often find people have bleeding gums. There should be no bleeding in healthy gums. If you are suffering from gingivitis or more severe gum disease, we always recommend a thorough cleaning or in-office non-surgical treatment.

We include many breakthroughs to improve your care. These include such high tech as the unique antibiotic for your gums, irrigation to cleanse the gums, sophisticated ultrasonics cleaning instruments, and laser treatments as adjuncts to your treatment if necessary.

Prevention for Implants

Implants are now done frequently these days. Many situations are clearly a best option in many situations. Like all dental restorations, implants require a lot of care for best results and long life. With implants, the techniques are different and need to be designed for the specific situation. We have developed a special section for implant care which should be very helpful.

Preventative Dental Care Services

Encino California Dental CareOur State of the Art Preventive Services include:

  • Learning about gum care.
  • Bite Guards Appliances to stop grinding damage.
  • Patient Education and hygiene instruction.
  • Mouth Guards for sports damage protection.
  • Fluoride Treatments to prevent decay from starting.
  • Regular check up timing as needed to prevent disease.
  • Helping to select the optimum brush for each person.
  • Sealants for chewing surfaces to prevent decay.
  • Topically applied Fluoride Varnish that harden roots.
  • Enamel restoring compounds to repair damaged enamel.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings are an important part of preventive dental care program. Not only will it help you to promote good oral health but it can help us to catch any problems early on. Keep in mind that dental problems do not get better on their own. For more information, please see: Cleanings.

Professional Teeth Cleaning Encino, CAIt is necessary to remove all of the bacteria filled hard material called calculus (tarter) and the soft material called plaque. Even with the most thorough brushing and flossing tartar and plaque build up can not be removed by brushing and flossing.

Professional cleanings may include tooth polishing and tooth scaling. Scaling is the removal of hardened tartar with small instruments and a smoothing of the top of the root surfaces. Some patients may not require scaling, even for a regular cleaning.

The picture above shows the removal of hard bacteria filled tartar that is so harmful to the gums and body.

Additional Services

When the gums are inflamed, Dr. Safaei may recommend irrigating under the gums with an anti-microbial agent or placement of a time released antibiotic to treat or prevent gum infections. Aantibiotic products has been shown to control swelling and bleeding in inflamed gum pockets.

We generally recommend professional cleaning at least once every six months along with a limited series of digital x-rays to discover any potential cavities early and before they become bigger. Some people need a shorter interval depending on how well they clean their teeth and how fast they develop plaque.

SonicCare ToothbrushIn addition to all the above services, we will develop a program to keep you keep your mouth healthy. We will discuss the best tooth brushes, dental floss, electronic brushes and other devices for your personal oral situation.


We also recommend a fluoride treatment for decay prevention in both children and especially adults. Adults often have terrible problems with root surface decay that can be prevented. Many crowns are lost this way and we actively try to prevent this problem. Root surface exposure is a normal part of aging. We have in office and take home materials that are quite effective in reducing this problem.

Mouth and Oral Cancer Screenings

  • During a dental examination, Elevate Dental will check your mouth and oral tissues for lumps, red or white patches or recurring sore areas. Dr. Safaei believes strongly in this and gives the most complete oral cancer exam of any dentist in Encino, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys or Tarzana.

Sports and Tooth Injury Prevention / Mouth Guards

Mouthguard in Encino, CA at Elevate DentalA mouth guard can feel uncomfortable and annoying until you see someone without a night guard severely injured. Each year 15 million dental injuries will occur during sporting events. Fortunately there is one simple device you should never leave at home when at sports or active recreation – Your Mouth Guard!

A mouth guard can save your teeth, lips, jaws, tongue, and cheeks from serious injury, even when you strap on a helmet or face guard. A mouth guard provides protection for everyone, children and adults, men and women, young and old.