In certain cases it becomes necessary to remove a tooth. The following list contains some good examples of those situations:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth. If the wisdom teeth are not removed, infection, damage to the tooth in front of the impaction, and jaw bone damaging cysts can all occur.
  • Teeth that are so badly broken, decayed, or infected that can no longer be restored to function and must be removed. In many of these cases, an implant can be a good choice as a replacement.
  • When the tooth, such as a baby tooth, fails to come into it’s normal place and interferes with the eruption of the permanent tooth. Unless the problem tooth is removed orthodontic problems will result.
  • At times when the teeth are very crowded it is necessary to remove a tooth to gain space for aligning the teeth for orthodontic treatment.

At Elevate Dental teeth are extracted with as little trauma as possible to plan for future replacement. Often times it is necessary to graft to preserve the socket for future restoration options including bridges, or implants.

At times, it is necessary to  refer complex extractions to one of several carefully selected specialists. The best interests of the patient is always the top priority and all of the patients options are carefully explained.

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