A single tooth implant is the most ideal way to fix a missing tooth. An implant is surgically Single Tooth Implants, Encino Dentistplaced in the space of the missing tooth. If the tooth has not been extracted yet, it may be possible to place the implant ON THE SAME DAY that the tooth is extracted. Elevate Dental is trained to perform such a procedure to maximize success and minimize recovery time and discomfort. Most of our patients state that “it’s as if nothing was done” the next day of the procedure! Isn’t that the best way to fix a missing tooth?!

Once the implant in placed, it takes up to 6 months for the implant to “bond” or “become a part of” the surrounding bone. The implant essentially becomes a part of your mouth just like your other teeth. Once this process is completed, the restoration process with a custom made abutment and crown can begin. Several options are available at this time to maximize the natural aesthetics of the restorations.

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