When you have several teeth missing, multiple dental implants may be the best option. Multiple implants/crowns can be placed next to each or throughout your arch to restore multiple missing teeth. This is the most ideal way to restore teeth and allow you to brush, floss, and function day to day without any adjustment to you lifestyle.

If multiple missing teeth are next to each other or there is a long span of missing teeth Dr. Safaei can span multiple teeth over fewer implants and connect them together. This saves on cost but still restores function and esthetics.

Dr. Safaei has mastered the implant process it can be the right option for you. Multiple teeth dental implants can be highly esthetic and restore full function to your mouth.

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Phases of Multiple Teeth Implants

Once the sites are evaluated for viability, a series of implants are placed under the gums.
After all the implants are secure and ready, custom abutments are designed as a foundation for crowns.
Custom crowns are designed to optimize the anatomy of area and provide the best results.
The crowns are permanently fixed onto the implants/abutments and the area is now restored. The multiple teeth implants process is now complete.

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