When we lose a front tooth, it can be a traumatic experience. The best way to replace a front tooth is with a dental implant by a trained professional. With high success rates and high cosmetic options, they can replace one or more front teeth and restore esthetics and function.

Its important that these cases be evaluated carefully by a professional and treated properly for best results. Each case is unique and depending on the anatomy, custom adjustment will be made to accommodate your unique case. Dr. Safaei is an award winning dentist and can properly diagnose your case and provide precision treatment to achieve the best results.

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Phases of a Front tooth Implant

Once the site is properly cleared for an implant, an implant is placed under your gums where it will be left to heal for some time.
After a period of healing, the implant has healed and your body has accepted the implant, an abutment can be placed to support the crown.
The abutment is placed on the implant and an impression is taken to fabricate a custom crown.
Finally a custom crown is permanently placed onto the implant/abutment fixture. The process is now complete.