For people who have dental implants, oral hygiene is equally as important as for a person with healthy natural teeth. The parts of the implant above the gums, abutments and crowns, need to be thoroughly cleaned daily. This applies not only in the early period after the implant is placed, but during the full lifetime of the dental implant, just like natural teeth.

Implant and crown by Encino Dentist Navid Safaei DDSThe basic skills of good hygiene and oral care are very important for dental implants. It is important that the growth of bacterial, plaque and tartar be prevented for the long life of dental implants and therefore cleaning with manual, electronic or other methods plus antimicrobial therapy are often used.

If you allow food and plaque to accumulate and increase the bacteria, it will lead not only to reduced dental implant life, but also damage to the health of neighboring teeth.

The dental care after dental implant procedure is especially important in the morning and evening, because at night the production of saliva is reduced, so there is less antibacterial activity present. You must have healthy gums, and need to be sure microbial plaque and dental tartar are completely and thoroughly removed at least daily.

Implant and crown by Encino Dentist Navid Safaei DDSIn the postoperative period of dental implant procedure it is very important to follow our instructions. Take all prescribed medications, and keep diet recommendations.

The implant abutment, the crown and the surface of the implant adjacent to the gum are the areas needing most attention when cleaning. Cleaning should be carried out in front of a mirror and good light. At Elevate Dental, we place heavy emphasis on care after implant placement which is essential for success.

Implant - General Dentist in Encino Dr. Navid SafaeiAfter cleaning dental implants thoroughly rinse your mouth with water or mouth wash. Rinsing will help remove bacteria and bits of food that were removed from the surfaces of the mouth in the process of cleaning, but still remained in the oral cavity.

It is essential to carefully avoid gum disease that will reduce the more long-term success of your dental implants.

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