Elevate Dental only does white fillings. Silver/amalgam fillings are on their way out and have many disadvantages to white fillings and so we have eliminated silver fillings from our office.

There are many advantages to white fillings when used in many types of dentistry. These resin fillings are the standard of care in our office. They are bonded or “super glued” to the tooth and help keep the tooth strong.

Navid Safaei turns amalgam fillings to white composite
Navid Safaei turns amalgam fillings to white composite

White fillings eliminate many of the problems of the old mercury/silver fillings. For the last 160 years these obsolete fillings were used and are still in use to this day…but not at our office. It is hard to believe that the fillings are still used on a daily basis in some dental offices.

The white fillings used at Elevate Dental are composed of high tech resin that fall in the sub-micron particles range. The resin acts as a binder to hold the particles together and also allows bonding to the tooth.
This advanced resin contains light-sensitive agents that fully harden the fillings when exposed to a very strong blue light for a few moments. This means that the filling is ready to use when one leaves the office. Dr. Safaei as a general and family dentist studies new materials and research constantly to select the best for his patients.

Advantages of White Fillings

  • White bonded fillings hold the tooth together and strengthen it.
  • The filling can closely match the surrounding tooth for very good appearance.
  • These restorations will not darken or stain the tooth as seen when mercury/silver fillings are used.
  • White fillings can be used immediately after placement since they are fully hardened in the office.
  • These fillings contain no mercury or any other substance that could be harmful.
  • White fillings are environment friendly. They send no pollutants into the environment.
  • Since they are non metallic they are less sensitive to hot and cold.
  • They require less tooth removal to place and restore the tooth.
  • Optimal  wear and breakage resistance that usually last many years with proper home hygiene.
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