Teeth whitening by Navid Safaei Encino DentistTooth Whitening enables patients to dramatically whiten and brighten their teeth and create the fabulous smile they have always desired!

Tooth whitening is the most popular form of all Cosmetic Dentistry treatments. We love the smiles we get when our patients first look and see their new whiter teeth after their first visit. We want to enhance your smile! There are many processes now on the market and we have carefully selected the best for our patients. Our office uses exclusively Opalescence and the results are exceptional. In a recent independent study, Opalescence out performed even the highly touted system of television fame.

Safe and effective, the results of Opalescence Whitening will last for several years and can be touched up when you desire. Developed By my friend Dr. Don Fisher of Salt Lake City. As an experienced dentist he knew what dentists and patients were looking for in a whitening system and based on that knowledge produced his product. Still involved in the production of Opalescence in Salt Lake City, there is no doubt in my mind that quality control and consistency are superb. This care leads to superb results

Teeth Whitening Process (Bleaching)

Tooth whitening

The Whitening process can remove moderate stains and discolorations from your teeth helping you to restore their original lightness. Teeth become discolored or stained over time due to a variety of causes. Some common causes of tooth discoloration include consuming excessive quantities of coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine or tobacco. The whitening process can also lighten naturally darker teeth and those with tetracycline and other difficult discolorations and deeper stains.

The process goes like this. First a very thin “athletic mouth guard” like appliance is fabricated to fit closely to you to your teeth. Then the gums are covered and protected for your tooth whitening treatment. The office strength Opalescence gel is applied to your teeth and left in place for a few minutes.

The next day you will place a gel inside the clear “tray” and wear it for a few hours. This process is repeated, until you attain the degree of whitening that is perfect for you. You are in complete control of the degree and the amount of whitening you want. Also you can select how fast the change occurs. We have had nothing but rave reviews.

We are dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy smiles. Our team can help turn your dreams into a reality! Come see us soon.

We offer a No Charge Whitening Consultation at our Encino Dental Office.

Bleaching tray for Encino dentist Navid Safaei