StephanieAfter having poor, insensitive dental care as a child, Stephanie Auerbach one day realized that her most troubling appearance problem could be solved with a simple phone call and in a few hours of her time. Stephanie made a decision. She was ready for cosmetic dentistry.

At 54 years old, Stephanie was one of those people that had been traumatized at the dentists and left with an ugly smile and bad memories. Her parents could not afford much dental care so she had to live with her smile as it was. This was a disaster to a teenager.

The result of her dental treatment was short, uneven and discolored teeth that she always hated. She did everything she could to hide them. It was a terrible blow to her self-esteem.

Growing up, she suffered the teasing and nicknames of the other kids which caused her great pain. As she grew older, the teasing finally stopped but the mental scars remained. She always felt self conscious about her teeth and the way that she looked.

Veneer Encino CaliforniaAfter a serious auto accident, she decided to do something about her teeth. She felt so fortunate to have survived the accident that she knew that time was passing and that she deserved her smile now. It was going to be her long overdue present to herself.

A new smile is something she always wanted since she was a teenager and she felt the accident was a wake up call, a special message to her not to put it off any longer.

Stephanie said, “I used to spend a lot of time on my appearance, and I realized now how much my ugly teeth bothered me. It was time to take care of myself. It was time for a new smile.
Before and After SmileAfter searching the Internet and visiting the offices of several Encino dentists, she chose Navid Safaei DDS to give her a new smile. She was very impressed with his credentials and the compassionate nature she encountered. She felt Dr. Safaei really understood her problem.

Stephanie and Dr. Safaei sat down and discussed all of the options and the most natural looking way to solve her problems.

Dr. Safaei was so calm and confident that I relaxed and day-dreamed during the procedures. Dr. Safaei wanted to explain all of the details as he worked, but I finally asked him to stop so I could listen to the music and relax.

“My treatment was finished in only three appointments from the beginning to the day of my new smile. I was thrilled.”

“My life has changed so much since I got my new smile. People’s reactions have been amazing. They know I look different, but they can’t figure out why. When I tell them, the most common thing I hear is Wow!”

“People seem to smile at me more and talk to me more. I can’t tell you how much better I feel about myself. I feel like a new Stephanie, beautiful and confident.”

Stephanie Auerbach, Tarzana

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