Lumineer veneers done by Dr Navid SafaeiThe star of cosmetic dentistry is the porcelain veneer. You can see the dramatic power of cosmetic dentistry to enhance appearance in the pictures below and throughout this website.

In particular, we have highlighted porcelain veneers. We employ the master ceramists of Rodin Dental Arts. They have a long reputation for creating superb custom porcelain veneers. The teeth are prepared and when the porcelain is completed, we permanently cement these to the surfaces of crooked, discolored, or misshapen teeth.

With his extensive continuing education in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Safaei can help you achieve a smile you won’t want to hide.

  • Porcelain veneers are frequently used to correct slight crookedness, uneven sized teeth, discolorations, gaps, stains, small chips and cracks.
  • A special preparation of imported porcelains is utilized so that we can reproduce the texture, translucency and color of natural tooth enamel.
  • The process of constructing porcelain veneers begins with a discussion of how the veneers will look. When an understanding is reached, the treatment process then begins with the removal of a very thin layer of enamel to smooth and reshape the tooth. A custom mold is made and sent to our technicians. Approximately two weeks later, the veneer is bonded to the tooth. The entire process takes two visits and is often done without an injection


Lunineers are ulta thin porcelain veneers designed to be placed over the tooth with little or no drilling.. Using extremely strong ceramics they have remarkable strength. Because of their extreme thinness no reduction of the tooth is necessary. This makes the procedure reversible. In addition, no anesthetic is necessary.

A mold is taken of the tooth and sent to Ceranate Labrotories, the inventor and sole maker of Lumineers. When the Lumineer is completed, it is cemented over the existing tooth. A Lumineer changes the color, shape and surface texture to give the mouth a beautiful smile.

There are several situations where a traditional veneer is a better choice than a Lumineer. Because of its extreme thinness, a Lumineer can not hide very badly discolored teeth. A Lumineer protrudes 0.2mm from the tooth surface and may be not as comfortable to some people especially when the lips a tight against the gums. Lumineers are slightly weaker than traditional veneers and are not indicated for people who grind their teeth. A major advantage to Lumineers is that the procedure is reversible. The veneer is removed and the tooth is restored to its previous appearance.

Joyce’s New Porcelain Veneer Smile

Before dentist Dr Navid Safaei, DDS added Porcelain Veneers to these teethPatient of Dr. Navid Safaei, EncinoAfter dentist Dr Navid Safaei, DDS added Porcelain Veneers to these teeth