Staining is generally harmless and can occur for several reasons ranging from our daily habits to genetics and medication induced like tetracycline staining. Sometimes staining is exactly dark. White spots, also known as decalcification, on teeth can be very distracting and completely ruin a smile. No matter the cause, staining can be a huge hurdle for self-esteem and in some cases, stain removal or whitening is not possible. Veneers can correct this by hiding any unsightly stains from sight.

Normal whitening techniques often prove ineffective against stains or the stains continue to come back. In white spots, whitening can even make the contrast worse. Even laser whitening and zoom treatment may not give the results you are looking for.

With a skilled dentist, your case can be carefully evaluated to diagnose the cause and the solution. The most conservative options are provided and the cosmetic case can begin. Your transformation is under way!


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