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The most common way for adults to straighten their teeth today is using Invisalign clear aligners. At Elevate Dental, Dr. Navid Safaei’s high tech dental office is the perfect place to begin treatment for a better and more beautiful smile.

Our experience with the Invisalign technique allows you to get the best treatment with the best results. Dr. Safaei has treated some of the most complex cases using clear aligner therapy. The Invisalign treatment has evolved over the years to allow even the most complicated cases to be treated in a very short amount of time without the unsightly and uncomfortable use of traditional metal and wire braces.

Invisalign has many advantages over traditional braces

  • The most obvious of these is their clear, nearly invisible material. Most likely you have interacted with people that are in Invisalign treatment and have not noticed their treatment!
  • Invisalign is also faster than traditional metal wire braces. Because each aligner is custom made to your needs and tooth movement, Dr. Safaei is able to move the teeth quicker than traditional cookie cutter metal and wire braces.
  • Comfort. Metal & Wire braces often times cut the lips, cause chapped lips, and a handful of other issues.  Invisalign is clear and comfortable. They do not cut your lips and it is much easier to speak with them.
  • Removable. Invisalign is removable which allows you to eat what you want! Even gum and popcorn! That’s right! Good luck doing that with metal wire braces. The fact that they are removable also allows you clean much easier using the same techniques you have been using your entire life! Easy!

Want to see what’s possible?

In the case above, the patient has a canine (eye tooth) that never came into the right spot. You can see that he tooth is far above where the other teeth are and causing a major disruption in the patient’s bite, esthetics, and overall happiness. Using advanced techniques, clear aligner invisalign therapy was used to gently move the tooth into its correct position. This corrected the patient’s poor bite, esthetics and the patient is finally satisfied.

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