At Elevate Dental we offer Digital X-rays for our patients. Digital X-rays have many advantages to tradition and now outdated film x-rays. Some of these advantages are listed below:

-Less radiation. Digital X-Rays can offer up to 90% less radiation over film. Although taking 20 dental x-rays is equivalent to about a day out in the sun, we try to limit your exposure as much as possible. Using digital x-rays is one way.

-More comfortable. The sensor we use has rounded corners and fits much more comfortably in the mouth. The size of the sensor is also smaller than film making it much more tolerable!

-Faster. Digital x-rays appear on our high tech screens as soon as they are taken, giving us the advantage of making each of your visits that much more efficient.

-Sharing. Since the x-rays are stored on the computer, they can easily be share with you or any specialists. All with your consent of course.

Digital x-rays are just one way Elevate Dental provides high quality dental care to our patients and a great reason to choose our office for all your dental needs!