05 Jun

Tooth Sensitivity – OUCH! Cold water hurts my teeth!

Most of us at some point have gone through that exact scenario. A sip of cold water and suddenly you feel a jolt of pain and sensitivity strike through your head! OUCH!

So, what is going on?

The most common cause of this is gum recession causing parts of the unprotected part of the tooth to become exposed to the cold water. The exposure causes a momentary activation of your nerve which shoots a strike of pain to your mouth.

What can you do?

The simplest and often effective way to alleviate this common problem is to use a sensitive toothpaste like Sensodyne, Colgate Sensitive Relief, or Crest Sensi-Relief. A Special toothpaste can also be prescribed with a higher dosage of sensitivity relief.

If the toothpastes are not as effective as you’d like, a small protective layer of white filling material can be bonded to the uncovered layer of your tooth to keep the cold water from interacting with your nerve.

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