High Quality Meets Affordable Cost

It is often regarded that when something costs more, it is of higher quality. But as you experience the higher costs you realize that this statement isn’t true. Quality comes with the the service provided and not with the costs involved. At Elevate Dental, Dr. Safaei provides the highest quality of service with reasonable fees. Elevate Dental is fully digital and paperless. This not only keeps our costs down but helps us do our part to keep wastes down and help the environment. The best of both worlds without cutting corners. Finally, we usually start treatment the same day which is both convenient for the patients and helps keep costs down. Come experience the Elevate Dental difference! Call us now!


Encino Dentist Navid Safaei FinancialElevate Dental accepts AND are a preferred provider for most PPO insurance plans.

It is important to differentiate the treatment that is needed/wanted vs. the treatment that is covered. If an insurance does not cover a certain treatment it does not mean that you do not need that treatment. It means that the insurance company has refused to pay for your needed treatment. Afterall, how can an insurance company determine what’s needed for you when they haven’t even seen you as a patient? We encourage patients to seek the treatment that is in your best interests rather the treatments that are in the insurance’s best interests. We work with our patients to review all benefits and maximize benefits and minimize out of pocket.


In dentistry, a delay in care can lead to your dental problems becoming worse and more expensive. To help our patients, we are pleased to offer CareCredit. CareCredit is a financing option that allows 6 and 12 month “deferred/no interest” payment plans with no upfront costs. It is very easy to apply for, and you will receive an online decision in seconds. Our staff will be happy to help guide you apply for CareCredit during your visit.