Navid Safaei DDS of Encino, CA and his staff are honored by the patient reviews and testimonials from clients. Here are a few testimonials from clients.

“These people are simply the best. Dr. Safaei put new crowns in place of all the crowns on my front teeth and the improvement is amazing. Having spent a number of hours in his chair and I have personally seen how hard he and his staff works to get the great results. Let me warn you he is a perfectionist. His talent and caring attitude have impressed me so much I would never go to another dentist. Thank you all.”

Sherry M., Movie set designer, Burbank

“I have been a patient of Dr. Safaei for over twenty years. I was in need of major dental work when I started. We took it slow and easy to fit my pocket book and insurance plan and finally got all my dental work done. From the start I was impressed with the knowledge, amazing skill and professional attitude Dr. Safaei and his staff has always shown me. I would recommend Dr. Safaei’s office to anyone. Offices like this are few and far between these days.”

Mona W., Computer Programing, Calabasis

Encino Dentist Review“I don’t know what I would do if I had to find someone new. This office is compassionate, warm and family like. They always call me the next day to see if everything was ok. At the same time they are very professional, well trained, neat and efficient. I have been to several dentists over the years, but no dental office has ever given me the service and caring attitude that I receive at Dr. Safaei’s Encino office. That includes the staff too. I have never had a problem there of any kind. I am a patient for life.

Alex S., City Treasurers Office, North Hollywood