Magnified or Micro dentistry is the process of very conservative restoration of decayed teeth to keep you teeth strong and healthy for your lifetime. The costs are reduced, the time at the dentist is reduced and the comfort is increased greatly when micro dentistry is used. This is standard practice in my Encino dental office.

It begins with finding decay as early as possible. This is when the decay is still very small and easily treatable. We need to Initial Decayremove only a very small amount of tooth structure and then place as small a filling as we can.

When a cavity is small the filling to fix it will last longer and not weaken the tooth. In addition the color
match is perfect and the filling is invisible.

All of this is a very precise procedure and needs to be done with strong lighting and magnification. After the decay removal we then place a very fluid penetrating filling material that can now be bonded into the place where the decay was. This strengthens the tooth since it is binding everything together. When necessary, bonded fillings can be repaired by fusing new resin filling material to the old. Complete removal of the filling is not always necessary which again saves tooth structure.

When as little tooth as possible is removed there are many advantage for the preservation of your teeth. We believe that micro dentistry should be standard procedure now. It is the best that our modern technology has to offer. Here in our state of the art Encino dental office we have used micro-dentistry on many of our active patients.

Micro dentistry requires magnification. When we perform our treatments, you will notice Dr. Safaei wear microscope goggles. These goggles magnify what the naked eye can’t see and allows him to remove just the right amount of decay and tooth structure to maximize the quality of your restorations.

Come experience the magnified dentistry difference at Elevate Dental.