We are proud to offer to Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks and all of the San Fernando Valley, the highest quality dental care using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and materials. This sophisticated equipment and materials helps us diagnose potential problems, see treatment needs, plan effective prevention and provide conservative care with our high tech dentistry.

Nanotechnology in Dentistry

Dental research has recently found new uses for nano-particles in filling materials and in decay preventing sealants. Nano- particles are actually 1 millionth of a millimeter in size. In actual use in dentistry the particles are 100 nanometers in size but vary depending on the use. Experiments are being done to take advantage of nano-particles ability to kill bacteria. Just for reference a nano-particle is 1/100,000 as thick as an average human hair.

Nanotechnology in DentistryThe current uses in dentistry are primarily in hi tech filling materials with superior characteristics. With the addition of nano-particles a tooth colored filling will have improved strength of the material and less chance of breakage. I have seen no breakage in any of the many fillings I have placed.

We hope that in the future these nano-particles can help to restore lost bone where a tooth has been extracted. There is even the possibility that this technology could restore a broken, decayed or otherwise damaged tooth like new. Today in our office, the newest filling materials employing nanotechnology are in use daily and are the wave of the future.

Lava/Zirconia Crowns

The newest thing in the restoration of badly damaged teeth is the Lava / Zirconia two layer crown. There is now over 25 years in the research and testing of this procedure. My clinical experience and that of other dentist has shown it to be an excellent choice in many situations.

A 5 year study reported a 100% success rate. This type of crown uses a CAD/CAM process that produces a very precise fit to the tooth. This property will extend the life span of the restoration greatly.

Two layers are used. An application of outer layers of porcelain to color, shape, glaze and customize the crown. Once the appearance is optimized and the results are amazingly lifelike. Each layer has physical properties that compliment one another.

Due to its non-metal ceramic properties it is hypo- allergenic and very compatible to the human body. With so many concerns about metals in the body this property is a major advantage and very desirable. Material allergies are of great concern in dentistry today.

Beautiful teeth are important to our life style. For many their feeling about their appearance and beauty are at issue. The combination of great appearance, biological safety and long term durability with Lava / Zirconia fills the need perfectly.


Tooth Decay and BaceriaMicro dentistry is the process of the very conservative restoration of decayed teeth. This is designed to keep you teeth strong and healthy for your lifetime. The costs are reduced, the time at the dentist is reduced and the comfort is increased greatly when micro dentistry is used.

The process begins with finding decay as early as possible. This is when the decay is still very small and easily treatable. In micro dentistry, we need to remove only a very small amount of tooth structure and then place as small a filling as we can. This can often be done without any shot and numbness.

Micro dentistry is the best way to remove decay as we are removing the least tooth structure possible and preserving the strength of the tooth. When it is possible to use this technique is considered the premier method of restoration. Few dentists in the Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks or Woodland Hills are familiar with this type of care.

Click here for more information about Micro-Dentistry.

Intra-Oral Camera

Broken and decayed silver-mercury filling needing care shown on Intra-oral cameraThe original cameras were an offshoot of medical laprascope. Then with several years of research and development the laprascope was redesigned into a form for dental use, so do not become alarmed.

With self-focusing capabilities plus a high intensity fiber optic light system. The magnification is 38 x normal vision. we will be able to see with it your teeth, all of the restorations, cavities and other areas that may need care. This small pencil shaped camera is moved around the inside of your mouth from tooth to tooth.

This will give you a video exam of all your teeth and gums so you can see things that you have never seen before. Also, it all is in color and on our video screens. We can freeze and store the pictures of your mouth for a close up look and then we can make an instant print for you.

This painless, zero radiation device allows you to see clearly any problems developing. With a laser pointer dot we can point out and explain the smallest details such as defective fillings, cracks and fractured teeth, decay, bleeding gum, plaque and stain.

Arestin Antibiotic

A breakthrough in gum disease treatment, some dentists and hygienists use ARESTIN® (minocycline hydrochloride) as a way to get better results faster. The gum treatment called  scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) becomes much more effective. This is because ARESTIN® is the first locally administered antibiotic with micro-spheres that adhere to the tissues for 14 days and has been proven to be more valuable than routine treatments alone. Many years of research and many clinical tests have proven its effectiveness.

ARESTIN® significantly reduces pocket depths, bleeding gums, and kills the bacteria associated with periodontal disease. It decreases the tenderness after gum treatments. It is also very effective for treating local spots of severe infection. Arestin is a major advance over the old procedures. It fights infections where they start, a major advantage.

To learn more, please see: Arestin Antibiotic.

Visually Enhanced Dentistry

Dental MagnifiersA major improvement in modern dentistry has been magnification. Most people know that successful dentistry is a very precise art and science. Even slight openings around filling allow millions of bacteria to enter the tooth. Small telescopes and fiber optics have been developed to be placed just in front of the dentists eyes. This gives us the ability to see the working area more precisely.

Called Galilean telescopes (after Galileo), they are an extremely sharply focused form of magnifying with many internal lenses all working together. The lenses are all coated with special polymers to further sharpen the images by reducing glare and reflections.

High Tech Dentistry Encino Dentist Navid SafaeiRecently a fiber optic lighting system has been added to shine a focused light beam directly on the treatment area. A powerful projection bulb is placed behind the dentist and a tiny and flexible fiber optic cable carries the light to a spot between the telescopes. Lenses then focus the light on the working area.

To put this all into some perspective start a human hair at 100 microns. With the magnification from dental telescopes it appears to be three times as large or 300 microns. While these numbers may seem tiny, they are a tremendous difference to dentists.

Dental Air Abrasion

This new device has several great advantages. It is great for a conservative treatment and is comfortable too. There is no heat buildup and stress on the tooth and often there is no discomfort at all. It is wonderful for removing the old white fillings which it does more conservatively than the drill plus quieter, smoother and faster.

This instrument looks like a tiny sand blaster that shoots out a tiny precise flow of aluminum oxide particles which are safely suctioned up during the procedure. Dr. Safaei can pinpoint a stain or small area of decay without having to drill out more tooth structure than necessary. We usually use it without a standard drill to help minimize the amount of actual drilling that is sometimes necessary in very large decayed areas.

Dr. Safaei was the first dentist in Encino, Tarzana Shermon Oaks and Woodland hills areas to be trained to use this technique and has a large amount of experience in this procedure.

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Patient Education

The American Dental Association Dental Patient Education Series raises dental patient comprehension to a remarkable new level. By having these animated images with narration in our office we can describe most of our procedures so you can have a good good working knowledge of what is recommended. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This system is worth even more than that. We purchased this DVD system to help our patients make informed decisions.

To name a few of the topics covered are new patient exams, post-surgical care, implants, veneers, and bleaching, and it even explains the differences between various types of porcelain crowns. This tool is available in our audio visual area so that our patients may view it undisturbed. The American Dental Association Patient Education Series can assist you gain an understanding of the treatments available and help you pick the option best suited for you.

Record Safety and Privacy

You will never be told “our computer is down” at our office. Our new state of the art Dell computer system is fully networked to all stations. It stores records of all our patient information and is protected with multiple systems. We have multiple remote hard drives and uses a daily flash memory and automatic daily off site back up. Of all the dentists in the Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills areas we believe we have the finest system available anywhere.

We strongly believe in the privacy of patient records. Everything in our office complies with Federal HIPPA regulations on patient privacy. We are convinced that every step has been taken to protect you valuable treatment information. We believe that Internet computer records can be vulnerable to hackers.

Henry Schein, Inc., our program developer, is the largest dental software company in the world with over 40,000 users. They provide us with continual updates and improvements as they are developed plus 24/7 technical support. We have surveyed the dentists in the Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills areas and surprisingly, we are one of the very few using this advances software in our locale.